Pixel Party

An interactive installation that explores the evolution towards a digital surrogate. This project displays the connection between people and pixels, demonstrating how our digital presence drifts further from our actual reality. Pixel Party gives users the power to distort their digital representations.

Pixel party lets people modify their image on the screen in real-time and save a picture. The webcam will display the image through the Processing programming language, listening to incoming data being sent over a serial connection from Arduino and a custom control box. The control box has a knob (potentiometer) and a button. By turning the knob, the brightest pixels on the screen are translated further into 3d space. Pressing the button will save an image to the computer.

Webcam captures image while the controller modifies pixels on the screen in real-time

Captured images


Solder wires to potentiometer and the button.

Connect and test components.

Find a box to use.

Integrate components to complete controller.

Connect and run code.